Luke Combs Shares Lyric Video For New Single, “One Number Away”

Luke Combs has announced the release of his third single, “One Number Away,” featured on his debut album, This One’s For You. “One Number Away,” co-written by Luke, Robert Williford, Sammy Mitchell and Steven Andre Battey, follows Luke’s previous two singles, “Hurricane” and “When It Rains It Pours,” both of which reached the No. 1 … Read more

Netflix Released Its Most-Watched Shows in 2017– You Aren’t As Weird As You Think

Around the globe, Netflix members watched 140 millions of content per day in 2017. So, in all likelihood your 7-hour binge of “Friends” last May wasn’t even on the radar for this conglomeration of Netflix – A Year in Bingeing. Netflix broke 2017 down into four categories– devoured, savored, got us through cheating and brought … Read more

Taylor Swift Just Released a Remix for “…Ready For It?” for a Guy Who Goes By BloodPop

If Taylor Swift’s “…Ready For It?” wasn’t already a pop swerve from Old Taylor, the BloodPop remix is here. What’s a BloodPop? Good question, reader. BloodPop is actually a producer. His given Christian name is Michael Tucker. BloodPop’s remix of Swift’s tune is a bit of a lighter take on the subject matter and we … Read more

Sam Hunt’s Version Of “This Land Is Your Land” Is Patriotic But Ominous

“Bright” is not the kind of show you would immediately pair with Sam Hunt. The new Netflix movie follows two policemen, on human (Will Smith) and one Orc (Joel Edgerton), through a future version of Los Angeles where humans live alongside Elves, Orcs, and other mythical creatures. And there, smack in the middle, is Sam … Read more

This Sparkling Rosé in a Can is Exactly What Your Fridge is Missing

Just like the rest of America, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Rosé lately. While I personally prefer sparkling Rosé, I’ll really take it in any form– I’m not picky. But one of my favorite canned wine brands, House Wine, has released a sparkling Rosé in a can, and it’s like a Christmas miracle. View … Read more

Nick Jonas Thinks You Should Adopt A Puppy For Christmas And We Couldn’t Agree More

TV commercials would have you think a Lexus is the best Christmas gift you could buy. False. Who does that? The best Christmas gift is a rescue puppy. You are saving their lives and bringing year-round joy into your house. Nick Jonas, Shania Twain’s Christmas duet partner, showed up on “The Late Show”to spread that … Read more

8 Netflix Originals You Should Binge Watch Today (Or Tomorrow)

There’s nothing like a good veg out session during the cold winter months to cure your boredom and your blues. So, if you’re going to spend multiple days in a row wondering when the last time you showered was, at least watch something cool on Netflix. Right? Right. And don’t worry– you don’t need to … Read more

Justin Bieber Shared a Video of Himself Decorating His Tree Shirtless and I Have A Lot of Questions

I don’t know about you, but when I decorate for Christmas, I like to be comfortable– I’m talking fuzzy socks and sweat pants comfortable. Justin Bieber, however, prefers to decorate his tree in nothing but a pair of khaki slacks. Justin posted a video to his Instagram showing him decorating his Christmas tree all by … Read more

Cole Swindell Releases “Beer In The Headlights” Video For Down Home Acoustic Sessions

When Cole Swindell launched his Down Home Sessions EP in 2014, there was no hint that 3 years later he’d be releasing Down Home Sessions IV. The four EP’s consist of 5 songs each, all written or co-written by Cole, that other artists recorded. The latest EP, Down Home Sessions IV, contains the song “Beer … Read more

How To Achieve Kelsea Ballerini’s Holiday Makeup Look

Kelsea Ballerini continues to be one of my favorite style, beauty and fashion icons in country music. If you’re looking for the perfect makeup look for the holidays, channeling Kelsea is never a bad idea. How To Achieve Kelsea Ballerini’s Holiday Makeup Look: Use gold and shimmery neutral tones of eyeshadow, going heavier on the … Read more

Keith Urban Releases Lyric Video For Current Single, “Female”

When Keith Urban released his current single, “Female,” women and the music industry stood up and said thank you to Keith for cutting the song. After the much deserved attention the song garnered, Keith is now releasing a lyric video for the song. The video is simple and understated, using splashes of black, white and … Read more

People Are Already Asking Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans When They’re Going to Have Kids and We’re Rolling Our Eyes

If my calculations are correct (and they are), Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans have been married about 15 days. And, people already want to know when they’re going to have kids. Kelsea is 24, Morgan is 32, but they are both very focused on their careers right now and you know, each other. They’re newlyweds. … Read more