Amazon’s Super Bowl Commercial Where Alexa Loses Her Voice Kind Of Made Us Wish Celebrities Could Voice Our Home Devices

I’m not afraid to admit that I watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials, the food and the beer– and this year, there were several commercials that made me tear up a little bit, and a few that made me actually laugh out loud. Amazon’s commercial titled “Alexa Loses Her Voice” features a world … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini’s Journey to Meet Mandy Moore at the Super Bowl Was Something Else

When Kelsea Ballerini loves, she loves big. And from what we know, this has always been the case with her. She’s a self-professed fangirl and right now, she’s not only meeting her childhood heroes on a regular basis, she’s performing with them and touring with them. Before the Super Bowl, Kelsea and husband Morgan Evans … Read more

12 Scathing Tweets About Justin Timberlake’s Lackluster Super Bowl Halftime Show

When you’re asked to perform for 15 minutes, but bring 3 hours worth of entertainment to the stage– that’s a big task. This is what the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show has become, a 15-minute, 3-hour show. And unfortunately, this year’s entertainer brought weeks worth of Internet chatter, but only a few minutes of actual … Read more

Kelly Clarkson and Seth Meyers Got Wasted Together and Filmed It, So We Can Laugh At Them Forever

Seth Meyers is so right. Sometimes, “you just need to take a break and drink during the afternoon.” And who better to drink with than one of America’s greatest natural resources– Kelly Clarkson? No one. Kelly and Seth got together in New York to do a little day drinking and it was legendary. After downing … Read more

SNL Took Super Bowl Trash-Talking Back to Colonial Times and It Was Brilliant

Tina Fey and Rachel Draft returned to “Saturday Night Live” on the eve of the Super Bowl to remind the world that the rivalry between Boston and Philadelphia has been going on since at least 1775, if not before. As if fan bases for the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles weren’t already known for … Read more

Pink Spit Out Her Throat Lozenge Right Before Singing the National Anthem with the Flu at the Super Bowl

Hours before taking the field before Super Bowl 52 to sing the National Anthem, Pink shared on Instagram that she too had come down the flu, “Trying to Practice the flu away. I’ve been waiting to sing this song since 1991 when I saw my idol, Whitney Houston, own this song. And now, my chance … Read more

Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. Perfected the Final Scene from “Dirty Dancing” and It Was Amazing

Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion, but he still hasn’t figured out the perfect touchdown celebration dance. Until now. Throughout Super Bowl 52, Manning was shown with his teammates thinking of new and improved ways to celebrate scoring. Manning discussed Patty Cake with his crew and a thumb war bracket system before finally … Read more

12 Hilariously Sad Tweets From the Super Bowl Episode of “This Is Us”

Everyone in America owes Crock-Pot a long, sincere apology because it didn’t kill Jack Pearson on “This Is Us.” Jack killed Jack? His sentimental nature and kind heart killed him? Right? Right. After a season and a half of speculation and one dramatic house fire, fans finally know what took their beloved TV father away … Read more

Milo Ventimiglia/Jack Pearson Asks “This Is Us” Fans to Forgive Crock-Pot in New Ad

Crock-Pot didn’t know they were about to become the topic of conversations across the country when 2018 started, but just a few weeks in, thanks to “This Is Us,” the beloved company found itself in quite the predicament– it was responsible for potentially killing off everyone’s current favorite TV dad, Jack Pearson. So, because it’s … Read more