Luke Bryan Said Katy Perry is “Crazy As Hell” and We Believe Him

Luke Bryan and Katy Perry haven’t known each other that long and “American Idol” has only been back on the air for a few weeks, but it seems like Luke has already come up with a pretty fair assessment of his co-star. Luke told “Extra,” that “Katy is crazy as hell, but it’s a good crazy… and … Read more

California Town Begs For Help After Being Overrun By Tumbleweeds

The small town of Victorville, California has declared a minor state of emergency after their town was overrun by tumbleweeds. And by overrun, I don’t mean a few extra tumbleweeds are rolling around– folks are having a hard time getting out of their houses because of the dead plants. And they can’t seem to get rid … Read more

Masked Man Carrying A Knife, Rope and Ammunition Arrested Outside of Taylor Swift’s Home

It’s been a scary couple of weeks for Taylor Swift and her various properties as one man in Rhode Island was arrested after robbing a bank to impress her and another longtime stalker was sentenced to 10 years probation for violating a restraining order. But, those stories aren’t nearly as scary as the latest news … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Turns Chip And Joanna’s Love Of Shiplap Into A Catchy Song

Everybody knows that Chip and Joanna love shiplap. We also know that the Gaines family has diversified their brand into just about every aisle of Target. But they have never created a hit song. that’s where Jimmy Fallon can help. After being challenged to write a song about Chip and Jo’s love of the horizontal … Read more

Spensha Baker Nailed Carrie Underwood’s “Smoke Break” on “The Voice”

I love “The Voice” but around this point every season, I start to get antsy and impatient as the teams narrow down to the Top 12 contestants. That being said, I sometimes find myself being (in all honesty) a little bored with the playoff rounds when the coaches aren’t hilariously battling and throwing shade at each … Read more

Pryor Baird Performed a Not-So-Great Tina Turner-Like Version of Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” on “The Voice”

In 1980 Dolly Parton release the tune, “9 to 5” to go along with the film of the same name. Parton was nominated for an Oscar and won two GRAMMYs for the tune. It’s one of the biggest crossover hits in country music history. Over the last 35 years “9 to 5” have been covered … Read more

Carrie Underwood Just Announced Her New Album ‘Cry Pretty’ Will Be Available September 14

It’s been almost 3 years since the release of Carrie Underwood‘s record-breaking album, Storyteller, which produced four No. 1 singles. And the country music superstar has now announced she will release the album, Cry Pretty, on September 14. The title track has entered the Billboard chart at No. 20. In a video, Carrie shared, “Sometimes, you get … Read more

President George H.W. and Barbara Bush’s 73-Year-Long Marriage Was Fueled By The Sweetest Love Letters and Hilarious Jokes

President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush were married for 73 years before Barbara’s death on April 17, 2018. They had six children, 17 grandchildren and a love story better than anything Hollywood could ever come up with. The pair met as teenagers, engaged before WWII and married in 1945. Together, they shared hundreds of … Read more

Country Mourns the Loss of Former First Lady (and First Mother) Barbara Bush

Barbara Pierce Bush, the wife of President George H.W. Bush and mother of President George W. Bush, died on April 17, 2018, at 92-years-old, with her husband of 73 years at her side. Barbara was only the second woman in US history to be married to a president and raise a president, following in the … Read more