15 Beaches that will Make You Forget It’s Winter (at Least for a Second)

Winter is rough and being all but forced to stay inside for fear of freezing to death is no way to live. However, unless you live in the southernmost part of the country, winter is an inevitable truth for us all. While you’re counting down the days until Day Light Savings, which could arguably be a holiday … Read more

10 Reasons the Budweiser Puppy Commercials are The Best

As the Super Bowl nears, we can’t help but wonder if we’re going to see those cute little Budweiser puppies again. They are the cutest beer sellers around, after all. 10 Reasons the Budweiser Puppy Commercials are The Best: Reason No. 1: They use adorable puppies. Reasons No. 2-10: They use adorable puppies. But, in … Read more

Hilarious Nashville Artist Spoofs Sarah McLachlan’s Animal Rights Commercial

If you haven’t heard of Nashville rising artist Shaylee Simeone, it’s only a matter of time. This Texan gone Tennessee-girl has a voice that’s as vibrant as her lavender hair. @raemor just casually making me look like a super hero on a Monday. ?✊?#purplehairdontcare #loljkicarealot A photo posted by Shaylee {Simeone} O’Neill (@shaybird10) on Nov … Read more

How to Make Insanely Delicious Mulled Wine

What’s your go-to winter time drink? Essentially, what pairs well with frigid temperatures and days that are dark by 4:45 pm in the afternoon? It’s easy to rattle off summertime cocktails, but wintertime cocktails seem to be a little more challenging. Hot toddies and Irish coffees are great and all, but this mulled wine recipe … Read more

10 Ways to Bless Your Wedding Guests

Yes, your wedding day is about you, but it’s also about your guests. People come in from all over the place to celebrate with you on your wedding day and that requires time, money, and energy. So, as a “thank you” for those in attendance on your big day, do your best to bless your guests … Read more

A Guide to the Perfect Southern Wine Tour

Looking to plan your next vacation? Maybe a classier way to revisit your beloved college, pub-crawl days? Looks like a beautiful, decadent, landscape-rich Southern Wine Tour may be just what you’re looking for. Because who says California is the only wine region in this country? A Guide to the Perfect Southern Wine Tour: Texas – Becker Vineyards … Read more

Epic (and Hilarious) Christmas Gift Reactions: Kid Edition

One of the beauties of the holidays as a child is that, more often than not, you have no idea what you’re going to receive for Christmas — unlike nowadays when you receive the dreaded “useful” gifts like a vacuum or cookware. Children also haven’t quite mastered the “act like you love it” face, meaning their reactions … Read more

5 Claymation Monsters Who Gave Us Claymation PTSD

There are a few things that stick with you like the infamous monsters from childhood movies. When you’re a child, anything that is lackluster from an aesthetic standpoint qualifies as a scary bad guy. Unfortunately for claymation, nearly every character is lackluster, aesthetically speaking. Maybe this is because clay is a difficult medium to work … Read more