“Love Actually” is … Country

“Love Actually” is a Christmas time movie tradition many incorporate into their holiday rotation. It’s full of interconnected English people experiencing interconnected emotions; love, grief, jealousy, satisfaction, anger, and more love. It’s all appears very civilized, because they’re British (except for Laura Linney, and don’t even get me started on how she continuously sabotages herself … Read more

Best College Bowl Games That Double as a Vacation

Bowl games are college football’s Christmas gift to all of us who are already mourning the loss of Saturday game day excitement until it returns next fall. If you choose to accept this gift, it could also be a nice little vacation from the stress of extraneous holiday cheer. What are the best college bowl … Read more

Thrillers and Comedies set in the South (Or How to Get to Sleep after You’ve Watched a Scary Movie)

Admit it. After you watch a scary, suspense-filled movie, you check under your bed and in your closet before you go to bed that night. You can say you don’t, but if you are still feeling nervous, you can always watch a comedy to take your mind off of the thriller’s most chilling scenes. We … Read more

Top 8 Com-Drams Set in the South

When the emotion of the “Dramas Set in The South” becomes overwhelming, it’s good to get some comic relief from some of the best in the business. Though crying feels good sometimes, following it up with a giggle is the best way to soothe the wounds. 8. “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” Setting: Louisiana … Read more

Getaway Guide: Wilmington, NC in 36 Hours

Wilmington, North Carolina is a sleepy place that, like many historic coastal towns, is a port where a river meets the sea. It draws all sorts of tourists who mingle with the university students and soldiers from nearby Camp Lejeune year round because of temperate weather and reasonable prices. Dining: There are tons of restaurants … Read more

9 Best Southern TV Shows

First, what’s better than living in the Great American South? It’s likely you can’t answer that question, because even thinking about the answer produces an insane amount of emotions. The next best thing to living in the South, is being able to watch the life of Southerners (real and imagined) play out on television. Here … Read more