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6 Bands That Sound Southern, But Aren’t

When I was researching “Top 8 (Non-Country) Southern Bands,” I realized that I was mistaken about the origins of several bands I had just assumed were Southern. Turns out just because someone can shred a banjo or has some soul in them doesn’t automatically mean they are from the South. I know. It shocked me, … Read more

8 of Our Favorite Books with Southern Roots

Spending a day at the beach or pool with a good book is one of the sweetest pleasures of summer. Even if you are on a staycation, reading a book that is set somewhere nearby, fictional or no, makes it even more endearing and cozy. Below are the best Southern Summer Reads we’ve found. 1. … Read more

Top 8 (Non-Country) Southern Bands

Often the music most associated with the South is of the country persuasion. However, many other bands favoring other genres also hail from below the Mason-Dixon line. Alabama Shakes Hometown: Athens, Alabama Best Song You Won’t Hear On The Radio: “Always Alright” Front woman Brittany Howard sounds like she swallowed glass and decided to cure … Read more