Southern Girl’s Guide to Surviving Humidity Beautifully

If you’ve spent more than 3.5 seconds in the South, you know about humidity. If you grew up in the South, you’ve lived it. And while we all are excited to know our skin stays naturally hydrated which ultimately means fewer wrinkles, there are some things that drive us crazy about it. For instance, step … Read more

5 Retro Summer Games That are Making a Comeback

I don’t know about you, but I love a good comeback. Even when that comeback involves a retro-yard game. I grew up in the 70’s so we didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. This was actually a good thing as we played games in the yard. You know, yard games. Unfortunately, years passed … Read more

Denim Jackets: Our Favorite Piece is Making a Comeback

Despite the brief heyday of a typical fashion trend, the one item that never really goes out of style is the denim jacket.  And for Spring 2015 – they are really huge! We are seeing them everywhere and on everyone! How can you not love the versatility of a denim jacket? It should be a staple in every … Read more

13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own: A Signature Lipstick Color

Here’s the deal: if you’re a woman living in the great American South (or want to be) (or consider yourself a Southerner) there are a few things that every Southern girl should own. We’ve narrowed the list down to 13 items of equal importance and will be revealing them over the next couple of weeks. Here’s … Read more