Scotty McCreery Loves Hearing How Much “Five More Minutes” Means to You

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about music is how it connects with people. We hear a song and it no one means what the writer meant, it means whatever we want it to. Scotty McCreery is quickly learning that his fans are taking ownership of his new sing “Five More Minutes.”

“That’s been my favorite part of this that I wasn’t expecting,” he told One Country. “I wrote the song for myself and for my experiences. Now it’s like everybody does have their story. They have somebody or a moment they are thinking of.”

And he loves hearing about your moments and somebodies. Tweet him. Facebook him. Tell him your story during a meet and greet. Scotty wants to know.

Brett Eldredge Celebrates Album Release By Filling Potholes?!

Yes, you read that correctly: Brett Eldredge celebrated the release of his self-titled album by filling potholes. Well, he didn’t personally fill the potholes. However, he did partner with street artist Jim Bachor to create some awesome album art around Nashville. Courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing The pieces include Brett’s name (which happens to the be … Read more

Hunter Hayes Recommends Staying Clueless If You Want to Be Successful

It’s very important for your own happiness that you find out who you are and be that. I think that’s a part of the piece that Hunter Hayes is advocating here.

One Country’s Kelly Sutton and I had the chance to talk with Hunter at the Billboard Country Power Players party recently and he gave us his piece of advice for any aspiring musicians out there.

“One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that the more I try to learn the more I don’t know,” Hunter told One Country. “I’ve tried to compromise on — I moved to town as the music nerd — I tried to meet in the middle and try to be kind of a business guy, kind of a music nerd. I learned that was stupid because I’m surrounded by really smart people and I just want to make music.”

Whenever you try to be something you’re not, you’re not going to be fulfilled or happy. And Hunter has such a fun way of putting that into words.

“There’s an art to staying clueless and really appreciating clueless,” he added. “Cluelessness beats out fear every day of the week.”

Stay clueless, friends.

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Rare moment of quiet during a busy day in LA.

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RaeLynn’s Perfect Night Includes Netflix, Food and Her Dogs

What’s better than a night in? No fuss. No makeup. No pants. RaeLynn is all about a good night in, even though she can be a little “basic” when she stays home.

One Country’s Kelly Sutton and I caught up with RaeLynn on the red carpet for the Billboard Country Power Player party in Nashville and she spilled.

“A typical night at home is me, Netflix and Postmates,” she told One Country. “I like to be on my couch with my dogs and order some food and just hang out.”

Her go to delivery is typical Texan. “I feel like I always order Mexican at night,” she admitted. “One time I felt super basic, I postmates Starbucks.”

And, of course, when her hubby Josh is at home, I’m sure he’s essential to a good night in.

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Saturday. ❤ #itstoocold

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Brett Young Went Home to Film His “Like I Loved You” Video

Home is your heartbreak is. Brett Young‘s life has inspired his music and his current single “Like I Loved You” is a tale of unrequited love. When it came time to film the song’s music video, the singer-songwriter — who penned the tune with Jesse Lee — chose to go home. “California is home for … Read more

Brett Eldredge’s New Single “The Long Way” Is the “Deepest” Love Song He’s Ever Written

Brett Eldredge took a chance with new song, “The Long Way.” He wrote with a new writer — Matt Rogers — to create a much deeper love song than he’s ever written before.

“‘The Long Way’ is a look into what I want to find in love,” Brett explains. “It’s about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface, getting to know somebody deep down to their core. It’s more than just taking the long way around their town, it’s through their imagination. It’s them telling you everything about where they came from. You want to know every single detail – where they wrecked their bike the first time, where their parents fell in love, the lot where the car they drove in high school is sitting. I think this song says don’t be afraid to have that conversation, don’t be afraid to get to know that person.”

Brett recently told
One Country and other media outlets about how intimate this new, self-titled album.

“There’s probably a song where someone is going to listen and say, ‘That’s about me,’ and I love that,” he said. “No one is going to know exactly who that person is and if they say it’s them, I will probably never say it was them … there’s definitely someone who will hear a song or two on here and think it’s about them.”

While he didn’t come out and says it,
Brett — who confirmed that he was single — made it seem like those songs are more “breakup” tunes. So, if “The Long Way” sounds like the love story you’re looking for, you may have a shot.

Jason Aldean Hopes His Baby Boy Is a Baseball Player (And a Lefty)

Baby number three is on the way for Jason Aldean and he couldn’t be more excited. The singer and his wife Brittany — as well as his daughters Keeley and Kendyl — are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the family’s first boy.

“I love kids. I love being a dad,” Jason told One Country. “My two daughters, I do stuff with them that I’d do with a boy, take them hunting and fishing. I don’t imagine it’s going to be any different.”

However, he does hope his son follows his footsteps when it comes to American’s favorite pastime.

“Hopefully he’s a baseball player and I can put a batting cage in the backyard,” Jason said. “Maybe he’s a lefty. That’d be great. Put a pitcher’s mound out in the yard. Go and buy me some catcher’s gear.”

Of course, his uniform will be what’s up for debate, with Daddy being a Georgia fan and Mama having graduated from Alabama.

Baby Hubbard Already Has a ‘Sick Denim’ Jacket From Uncle Brian Kelley

Florida Georgia Line‘s Tyler Hubbard is going to have one stylish kid. Thanks in large part to his duo partner Brian Kelley.

Baby Hubbard isn’t due for a few more months, but Uncle Brian has already started seeking out some awesome vintage pieces for her.

“Baby’s got a sick little denim piece. Baby covered,” Brian told One Country.

Yep, Brian found a baby sized vintaged denim jacket in his fashion search. How very cool. Their friends — like Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean — who are also prepping for new additions may also be on the receiving end of Brian’s kindness.

“That’s actually our next endeavor, BK and I are going to start a day care service … mobile,” Tyler joked.

“We’ll get the babies on the tour bus and our dogs will take care of them and feed them,” Brian added. “We’ve got our dogs trained so well.”

In all seriousness, the duo is looking forward to adding a new, tiny member.

“Hayley is now over the sickness and her energy is back,” Tyler said.” For both of us that’s amazing. That’s a lot of fun. We enjoying being excited and getting the baby room ready, although we haven’t started that yet. We’re mentally getting it read”

Brett Eldredge Says There Is a Person Who Might Claim a Song on His New Self-Titled Album Is About Them

It’s quite common for artists to self-title their albums. However, when they do it, they normally do it for their first album, not their third. That’s exactly what Brett Eldredge has done, though, with his new album because its the most personal that he’s ever released. Brett co-wrote every song on the project, which covers … Read more

Kelsea Ballerini Gives Us a Clue to What Her ‘Unapologetically’ Album Cover Looks Like

Kelsea Ballerini has been super secretive about her new album Unapologetically. But she did give us a little hint about it.

“I’ve known this for so long and I’ve just been dying to talk about it,” she told One Country on a recent red carpet. Coincidentally, just that morning she had gotten a look at the album’s cover for the first time.

“The whole album is very dark and light. It starts with heartbreak and goes into love. We wanted a cover that involved both,” she teased.

And we can’t blame her. Her “people” were eyeing her from behind the stanchion. Not allowed to give too much away.

Unapologetically comes out on Nov. 3

Shania Twain Sat On Kelsea Ballerini’s Bus, Drank Wine and Told Her She Was Doing a Good Job

What do you do when you find out that Shania Twain is coming over and you only have 20 minutes to prepare? Kelsea Ballerini had that heart-stopping moment happen earlier this summer.

We had the chance to talk to the songstress on the red carpet for Billboard‘s Country Power Players party and she spilled the beans.

“Shania Twain came to a show in Canada and she sat on my bus with me and drank wine out of a straw and told me I was doing a good job. That’s it. What do you do?” she told One Country.

Last minute get together with her idol is only one of the few awesome things going on in this Tennessee native’s life. Not only is planning a wedding to Morgan Evans, she’s also been named one of Billboard magazine’s Country Power Players. I believe she earned that latter award for keeping cool under pressure. Pressure like trying to figure out what to do when you get a last minute guest like Shania.

“I didn’t know until like 20 minutes before that she was coming,” she explained. “I looked in the fridge and I was like I had $9 white wine and I was like, ‘This will do!'”

See an Exclusive Clip From “Pure Country: Pure Heart”

Warner Bros. has released another segment in the “Pure Country” franchise. The film franchise, which began with George Strait’s acting debut in 1992, has added another installment with “Pure Country: Pure Heart.” It features Willie Nelson, Laura Bell Bundy and WWE legend Shawn Michaels. One Country has an exclusive clip from the new film which … Read more