The Internet Is Obsessed With This Old Fashioned Custard Pie Recipe

Sometimes the internet gets obsessed with something, and there's really nothing that makes it particularly special. That's definitely not the case with this old fashioned custard pie. This custard pie recipe has been taking the world by storm, and it's obvious why. This Southern staple can't be ignored, making it the perfect dessert for any occasion.

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This Makeup Hack Will Keep Your Mascara From Smudging, Guaranteed

We've all been there. You tear up from the cold, a good laugh, or an upsetting movie. In and of itself, this isn't a big deal, because we're all human and cry sometimes. But if you're wearing mascara, this can quickly become a big issue.

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Spiked Butterfinger Milkshake Recipe Might Be Your New Favorite Drink

If you love alcohol and dessert, you'll love the combination of the two in this spiked milkshake. Loaded with butterfingers, peanut butter, ice cream, and various kinds of alcohol, this is one that isn't as kid friendly as it looks.

You might not even notice the alcohol in this, making it a bold drink that you want to be careful with (because there really is alcohol in it, we promise).

Keep this one away from the kids, and enjoy a decadent treat. Check it out.


Mini Margarita Slush Is Too Cute To Resist

Sometimes you run into something that's just so cute, you can't resist it. That's definitely the case with these mini margarita slushes. Equal parts delicious and adorable, these are perfect for nights where you don't want to have a huge drink, but you definitely want to have something.

In four different flavors, it's hard not to find one you love. They're also made with just three ingredients, meaning you can make them without an enormous trip to the liquor store.

Not bad for tiny cocktails.

Check them out.


Avocado Mac And Cheese Recipe Is The Stuff Of Dreams

If you're looking for a way to enjoy macaroni and cheese in a more healthy way, or just looking for an excuse to eat more avocados, this might be the recipe for you. For those of you watching your cheese intake, this recipe swaps out most of the cheese for an avocado sauce substitute, making it great for people with lactose intolerance.

This recipe is filled with creamy goodness, and you can feel a bit less guilty about eating it. Avocados aren't a whole lot better for you than cheese, other than the lower calories, but you can still feel virtuous about eating something green, even if it isn't kale infused.

Check it out and see if this is a mac and cheese recipe you'll keep using.


Bling Your Manicure With This 5 Minute Tutorial

ou've got a gorgeous manicure going on, but sometimes you need that extra bit of pop to really make it shine. Enter this 5 minute mani tutorial. After you've got a basic mani going on, add some Swarovski Crystal Pixie to those nails and watch them shimmer.

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How To Make A McDonald's Apple Pie At Home

We've all had that random craving for McDonald's apple pies. We pile into the car, seeking out the pastries with no regard to rising gas prices, our wallets, or our bellies. Fortunately, we've now got a way you can recreate that pie from the comfort of your own home.

This homemade apple pie is everything we want from McDonald's and more. It tastes just like the original, only fresher. Let's face it-- we all know those pies have been sitting under a warming lamp for hours by the time we actually get our hands on them.

So do yourself a favor and try this homemade recipe. Never crave those delicious pies again. Check it out.


Pizza Pocket Recipe Is Perfect For Any Time Of Day

For any time you need a snack or quick meal, these pizza pockets have you covered. Loaded with mozzarella and pizza sauce, these make for a dish you just can't put down, especially once you bite into that melty cheese.

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This Woman Just Bench Pressed 325 Pounds Like It Was No Big Deal

If you're looking for a reason to hit the gym, this may be it. Powerlifter Jennifer Thompson has been lifting weights for awhile, so she's no stranger to the locker room. But this video showing her lift her personal best of 325 pounds in front of a locker room full of big football playing dudes is pretty incredible to watch.

For scale, 325 pounds is like lifting about 40 of these (the full grown version):

Or 16 of these (the watermelon, not the Kirby):

So yeah, we're talking a lot of weight here. The best part is, she did it in a room full of burly guys who are used to weightlifting. Our guess is that she might have beaten some of their personal bests as well (some of them looked kind of worried). Don't worry, guys. We won't tell who you are.

So the next time you're struggling to get up and get to the gym, or hell, even to the store, remember that there's a woman out there who can lift two or three of you and be humbled and awed. The remote doesn't seem that far away anymore, does it?