Blake Shelton Turns It Up at the Grand Ole Opry

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Nobody sings fun-sexy-flirty songs better than Blake Shelton. He absolutely has the market cornered on the vibe, especially when he’s performing live at the Grand Ole Opry.

During a recent performance in the hallowed circle, Blake played his latest hit single, “Gonna” and watching him interact with the crowd is by far the best part of the performance. Oh to be one of those audience members that gets a coveted Blake Shelton wink or smirk.

Blake just released Reloaded: 20 #1 Hits, chronicling the chart-topping songs of his career, from early hits like “Austin” and “Some Beach,” to his continuing modern record run of 15 straight No. 1 singles.

“Man I remember saying ‘if I could just get a song on the radio that would be incredible,”’ said Shelton in a press release. “Now to be releasing an album of #1 songs is still pretty damn incredible and man I’m just thankful to the fans every day.”

Image Source: YouTube