Joey Green Lands On Blake Shelton’s Team After Covering The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” on “The Voice” [Watch]

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“The Voice” season 15 is in full swing with the blind auditions and the latest episode of the reality singing competition had Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton pitted against each other. Texas native Joey Green took the stage for a memorable performance of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” that had both coaches turning their chairs.

While Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine listened intently, they also appeared to be fans of the singer. Although they didn’t turn their chairs around, they praised Joey’s performance for his vocal range and unique singing style.

“There’s a fearlessness in your voice,” Adam noted. “The range is obviously there. All in all, dude, you have a really cool voice.”

Jennifer’s facial expressions throughout his performance showed her interest and by the 90-second mark she had to hit the buzzer. “I’m sorry I gotta go,” she said as her chair turned. “What is wrong with you people?”

“I’m more of a country songwriter, Americana artist,” the Texas native said when asked what music he performs. “I started out doing the Texas Red Dirt country thing.”

Happy that a fellow Texan was in the competition, Kelly got excited and the two talked about their schools’ rival volleyball teams before Jennifer intervened.

“I must admit, that’s not necessarily my lane but this show is called ‘The Voice,” JHud said. “That voice deserves to be on this stage.”

Meanwhile, Blake took her comment as a way to win Joey over to his side: “Well, I’m glad she admitted that that’s not the coach you should choose. That’s not her lane. It’s my lane,” he boasted.

“I would say it’s more like your neighborhood than your lane,” Adam replied.

Blake wouldn’t go down without a fight, though.

“Yeah, but in order to get into my neighborhood, you gotta go down that lane,” Blake asserted, before pitching his expertise to Joey. “I listen to a lot of Red Dirt country. I live in southern Oklahoma. To know that’s where you come from, I understand that part of your voice. The thing that may give you the edge on not just Red Dirt artists but country artists in general is your range and the raspy-ness in your voice. I’d be honored to be your coach.”

After another thoughtful pitch from Jennifer, saying she wants to support Joey and that she’s “a music lover and that’s what made me want to turn around,” it was up to him to make the decision. His choice? Team Blake.

“I have family from Oklahoma so I pick Blake,” he conceded.