If Kelly Clarkson Wins "The Voice," Blake Shelton Has to Call Her 'Queen Kelly'

If Kelly Clarkson Wins “The Voice,” Blake Shelton Has to Call Her ‘Queen Kelly’

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Personally, I’m over the Blake Shelton-Adam Levine rivalry on “The Voice” and I’ve moved on to the Kelly Clarkson-Blake Shelton rivalry. The latter is actually a little more heated than one could imagine.

During a recent interview with KIIS FM, Kelly and Blake did some trash-talking and revealed the details of a bet they made.

“We’ve made a bet, we’ve shook hands… when I win he has to call me Queen Kelly Clarkson– yes queen, no queen. And if I lose, I have to shut up for 5 minutes,” Kelly said.

Blake added, “the key thing to winning this show is the communicatino between a coach and an artist. You know how communication works? Two people have to be able to get a word in and with Kelly Clarkson, it’s a one-person conversation the entire afternoon.”

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