Brad Paisley Avenges Elf On the Shelf This Christmas

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We see it all over social media. Parents labor over the antics and appearances of their family’s “Elf On the Shelf.” But Brad Paisley has got it covered and then some.

With two boys in the house, the Paisley-Williams elf is a little less cutesy and a little more adventurous and a little more rock-and-roll.

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Starting in early December, Brad shared the first escapade of the brave brownie, and it appears that he was roped (literally) into some antics with Flash Gordon, Superman, and a hungry bass. Yes, the fish.

In another vignette, Spiderman, the Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America became part of the pre-holiday escapades.

Then, in another post, the Paisley pixie took part in a scene from Star Wars where he played the role of Elf Vader in a series of photos (scroll).

And, of course, much like Brad, this little leprechaun has a penchant for the guitar, and took part in a concert with a very appreciative audience…in the shower.

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Our elves rock. #elfontheshelf #elfintheshower

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Like many of us, the Christmas holiday closed with a mighty celebration and for the Paisley Elf On the Shelf, it was no exception. In fact, Elf and his crew of Avengers, superheroes, and rockers threw quite a soirée…and paid the ultimate price—hangovers.

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All of the elves have returned to the North Pole until next year’s Christmas season, but we look forward to another year of excitement at the Paisley-Williams home in 2019.