Valuable Life Lessons from Brad Paisley

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Brad Paisley can make you laugh with one song and cry with another; and frankly, no one looks better in a white cowboy hat. Let’s see what we can learn from some of his lyrics.

Be smart. 

“Alcohol,”  will make you want to crack open an ice cold beer for sure. But, listen to the words carefully and Brad will make it clear that moderation is best. “You had some of the best times you’ll never remember with me.”  Might be a fun night, but the hangover will be a real bear. The last thing I want to do is “end up with a lampshade on my head.” Even worse would be “naked pictures of me at the beach.” These images would be seriously frightening if they showed up on the internet.

Be yourself, even online.

“Online,” offers some lessons for my teenage daughter. I wish she would stop checking her Instagram for a minute and pay attention to what kind of misrepresentation happens online. “Online I live in Malibu, I posed for Calvin Klein, I’ve been in GQ.”

Of course reality paints a different, creepy story: “I work down at the pizza pit, And I drive an old Hyundai, I still live with my mom and dad, I’m 5’3 and overweight.”

Although upbeat and humorous, I think Brad is trying to say, “You won’t find love in a chat room baby!”

Love grows, if you let it.

I will always remember seeing Brad at the Houston Rodeo concert with my husband and singing along to “Then.” It conveys such a beautiful message about love growing over time. “Now you’re my whole life, now you’re my whole world, I just can’t believe, The way I feel about you girl.”

As I look in the mirror lately, I can really relate to the part where he mentions hair turning gray. I hope that my husband and I can love each other through all the changes life throws our way.

Boys will (definitely) be boys.

“I’m Still a Guy” is Brad’s funniest song. I recall listening to the line, “But, when you say a back rub means only a back rub, then you swat my hand when I try,” I thought, “wait… it’s not just a back rub?” Ohhhh!  So a back rub means more than a back rub.

Well, I can understand that from the husband’s point of view. So, I need Shania Twain or Sarah Evans to sing a song from the wife’s point of view and throw in some lyrics about “back rubs.” Such as, there will be no back rubs an hour or two before I am expecting 20 people for dinner. Also no back rubs on the same day as I host a child’s birthday party. Ditto for days when anyone in the house has a stomach virus.

But seriously ladies, if you can find a guy who will hold your purse at the mall, then you might have a keeper!

Image Source: CMA