Brothers Osborne Fight Through Tears to Perform “While You Still Can”

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Often, with this job, people ask me who the coolest or most fun person I’ve ever interviewed is. My answer changes here and there with a couple of different artists, but one answer always remains the same– the Brothers Osborne will always be my most favorite, fun people to talk to.

They are truly the most sincere, genuine, fun, funny, entertaining brothers and people.

The Brothers played Route Harvest 91 festival in Las Vegas the evening before the shooting, but were no less affected by what happened.

John and TJ took to the Bobby Bones show to play a new, unreleased tune called “While You Still Can” for the victims of the shooting.

After the song, they shared, “It’s amazing that we can come here…the power of music… it’s really messed up that music was involved in such a tragic thing. It doesn’t make any sense to us.”

They also shared, “We try to lead with love, everything we do, we want love to be first, we let love be our compass. We are so grateful to do what we do, we couldn’t do it without everyone who shows up at our shows. We’re a country music community, we’re a family. We’ll do whatever we have to do to make this better for everyone.”



The guys have also been sharing their thoughts on Twitter.