Cam Explains How She Accidentally Ended Up Dancing Behind Dan+Shay at the ACM Awards

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If you recall, back in April during the ACM Awards,  Dan+Shay took the stage to perform their current single “Tequila” and they had a bunch of fans dancing around them as they performed. One of those people that surrounded the duo was country singer Cam.

As the performance went on, we noticed that Cam was the only artist to partake and we couldn’t figure it out why—only because it was so random. But now we know.

One Country‘s Kelly Sutton caught up the the “Burning House” singer and got the scoop of what actually happened that night.

“I love this song. For the record, I was in my gown and I had taken my shoes off because I was so done, like we all are. I was ready to leave and my husband and I both love this song and we see Dan+Shay walk by, who are our friends. And we go, ‘oh, bleep we gotta go see them, we gotta go cheer them on. We gotta go see them.”

One of the stage hands came over and told the singer that she had the perfect spot for Cam to watch the performance.

“I was like, ‘oh, great we’ll be able to watch them kind of from the side, or whatever.’ And we’re getting out there and between commercials they’re saying ‘everybody take your seats,15, 14…’ They’re putting us in these spots. It’s just me in the gown barefoot, everybody else has normal clothes. ’13, 12, and I’m like ‘wait I’m getting awfully close.’  10, 9 and this is Shay and this is Dan and this is me,” she adds showing how close her proximity was. And I was like doing a trio at this point. I tried to own it once I realized I was full stuck.”

Own it she did. We just love Cam even more for this.