Carly Pearce’s Tour Manager Got Stuck in the Bathroom on Her Bus and It’s Truly Hilarious

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Tour managers do a lot for the artists they represent. Carly Pearce’s tour manager, Mikey, also happens to be her drummer and now, he’s also forever the poor guy that got stuck in the tour bus bathroom. 

Carly took to her Instagram to share a hilarious video of the incident, saying: “Because only the best tour manager/drummer in the world would get locked in a bathroom trying to fix something for their artist.” 

Carly ends up trying to call someone for help, holding back laughter as she says, “We have a certain situation happening…” 

Luckily for sweet ol’ Mikey, he was able to get out after an undisclosed amount of time— and, has his expense, it makes for a hilarious video. 

Carly’s new album, Every Little Thing, is available now