New Photos of Carrie Underwood’s Face Prove She’s Still Like, Really Pretty

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There are some pretty big things going on in the world as you read this, but unfortunately, Carrie Underwood and her face are still a topic of conversation.

Prior to the 53rd Annual ACM Awards, Carrie was not photographed on the red carpet, nor was she ever shown in the audience. I’m not sure I expected her to walk the carpet, because that’s just a decision an artist makes, but not ever showing up in the arena was an interesting choice as she was nominated for a couple of awards.

Carrie’s performance of “Cry Pretty” was nothing short of incredible and the 39-second standing ovation seemed too short. It was obvious during the song that she wasn’t completely herself up there and she made that clear she was back out on the stage just a few minutes later to accept the award for Vocal Event of the Year with Keith Urban.

So, what is this deal? Will we ever really know what happened? Does it matter?

Two new photos of Carrie backstage at the ACM Awards were recently released and I’m no expert, so I don’t know if she looks different, I just know she is still really, really pretty.

And she can still sing better than just about everyone on the planet.