Carrie Underwood Got Peed On and Was Totally Cool About It

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Country music diva and rockstar mom Carrie Underwood isn’t shy about sharing pictures, videos and memories of her sweet son Isaiah via social media. Whether it’s a video of Isaiah giving his mom slobbery kisses, a snap of him cuddling with his dad or even a short video of him working out with Carrie at the gym, we really can’t get enough — Isaiah is adorable.

How we spent our Sunday…my man and my lil’ monkey! He was watching cartoons…the kiddo, that is…not the hubby!

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But, as we all know, motherhood, while rewarding and fun, isn’t always glamorous. There’s inevitably going to be countless diaper blowouts, spit up, crying and lots of pee.

Recently, Carrie decided to share a little snippet of what life is really like as a mom of a little boy.

Turns out, she’s pretty cool with it. Isaiah must be worth a little pee to the face.

Image Source: Instagram