Latest Rumors About Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Getting Divorced Are Literally Absurd


Can’t people just be happy? Or maybe, a little private these days? Apparently, not.

Currently, on newsstands at your local grocery store checkout, In Touch Weekly is claiming that Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood are headed for divorce, because you know– Carrie has been taking some time to herself and her family since last fall. Which means, you guessed it– her marriage is over? Say what?


First, the magazine is claiming to have two sources for their story. And both sources seem to not know very much.

These problems haven’t just started, either. Ever since the pair got together, they have spent a lot of time apart. The source explained, “Just by the very nature of their jobs, Carrie is gone on long concert tours and Mike was away playing for the team a lot.” But it’s not like the 34-year-old country star wants this to happen. She wishes the couple could find the time to spend together, but even taking quick getaways has been difficult.

Ummm…Carrie hasn’t been on tour since 2016 and unlike most country music superstars, she doesn’t tour every year. Not to mention, last hockey season Carrie and son Isaiah were at almost every Nashville Predators home game in support of Mike. But, since Mike recently announced he’s headed back to the ice and the NHL, the magazine is saying that’s been a sore spot for the couple. Even though Mike said in his press conference that Carrie was the one who was asking him every single day what he wanted to do and she tweeted several times that she was so excited to watch him play again.


The magazine also said that Mike is “neglecting” her, but they said that because the couple is trying to have a second baby? Or something.

Carrie’s faith is important to her, so ending the marriage would destroy her. But if Mike continues to neglect her, their future together doesn’t look bright. The source said, “If Carrie and Mike continue to grow apart, they will have no choice but to divorce.”

I can’t speak for Carrie, but the phrase, “no choice but to divorce” doesn’t like something that would ever enter into her thought process.

Come on, y’all. Let’s leave Mike and Carrie alone.

Lauren Cowling
Born and raised in the South, Lauren grew up going to football games with her family and eating overcooked steak. When not writing, Lauren enjoys reading biographies, searching for pictures of puppies on the internet and drinking Sprite.

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