Mike Fisher Says He and Carrie Underwood "Have Never Been Better"

Mike Fisher Says He and Carrie Underwood “Have Never Been Better”

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It’s been an interesting few months for Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher. After announcing his retirement from the NHL last fall, Fisher announced he was heading back to the Nashville Predators, in hopes of helping the team making a playoff run. This announcement came after Underwood has been totally out of the spotlight following a fall outside of the couple’s home.

Underwood’s injuries from the fall have led her to stay away from any cameras, which, of course has prompted all kinds of media speculation.

After Fisher said Underwood encouraged him to head back to work, divorce rumors started spreading across the tabloids.

And though Underwood and Fisher aren’t usually ones to comment on rumors, Fisher did recently respond to a comment on Instagram. After sharing a bible verse, a fan said, “Praying for you and Carrie. Ignore the media! Hold tight to each other.”

To which Fisher replied, “We’ve never been better. Thanks.”

And there you have it. The Fish has spoken.