Side-By-Side Comparison of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood Dancing is Why the Internet Exists

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I can’t say I ever paid much attention to Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood’s stage mannerisms much until 2014’s “Somethin’ Bad” was released. The two country music female powerhouses released this duet off of Lambert’s Platinum album and though it didn’t get nearly enough radio airplay, the video was amazing and the two got to perform together on national TV three times.




Lambert and Underwood have so much swagger while on stage the mathematical quantification comes out as a shit ton of swagger. Seperately, the two still pack a powerful punch but in a different way.

Underwood does this leg thing that is reminscent of Steven Tyler and you know she’s really about to let loose when she gets a little hitch in her step.


Lambert is very committed to the full-on head bang, but also has a strut meant for a high-fashion runway.


Watching them perform separately during CMA Music Festival only reminded me how utterly fantastic they were (and are) together and how we need some more of that country music female superstar goodness back in our midst ASAP.

And if you were ever wondering why the Internet existed, it is so we can compare Lambert’s dance moves to Underwood’s dance moves.