Carrie Underwood’s 24 No. 1 Singles Ranked

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Carrie Underwood just scored her 24th No. 1 single of her career with “Church Bells,” the third consecutive chart-topping single from her current album, Storyteller. Following “Smoke Break” and Heartbeat.” The tune landed the No. 1 slot on both the Billboard and Mediabase country airplay charts.

At this point in her career, Carrie can do no wrong. So, in comparison to each other, how do her No. 1 singles match-up?

Carrie Underwood No. 1 Singles:


UPDATE: After this was written, “Dirty Laundry” also went to No. 1 and it would fall somewhere in between 13-16. 

Carrie Underwood’s 24 No. 1 Singles Ranked:

1. “Something in the Water
A song with commercial appeal that has depth, the song was also Carrie’s longest-holding No. 1 single, including a 16-week run on Billboard‘s Hot Christian songs chart.

2. “Blown Away”
Other than Reba, no one does third-person narrative quite like Carrie and this was the song made that opinion a fact.

3. “Wasted”
Carrie is truly convincing during “Wasted.” And this song has inspired a generation of fans to get out there and experience life.

4. “Little Toy Guns”
Carrie once called this song, “rockin’ with a powerful message.” Her voice packs a punch and navigates listeners through a tough storyline.

5. “Just a Dream”
Carrie’s tale of a young bride being left behind too soon is all too real for many listeners, which is what country music is all about.

6. “Before He Cheats
Carrie does bad so, so good. This boy-bashing, bad-wielding Carrie achieved a whole new level of badass when this tune was released in 2005. Commercially, “Before He Cheats” has sold over 5 million copies.

7. “Smoke Break”
“Smoke Break” was all about pushing the format forward and this Jay Joyce produced single did just that.

8. “Jesus Take the Wheel”
Carrie’s debut single, “Jesus Take the Wheel” is cheesy as hell, but still stops you in your tracks when you hear it.

9. “So Small”
Another empowering, well-done, encouraging tune from Carrie.

10. “Remind Me” with Brad Paisley
When you let yourself forget that Brad and Carrie are basically siblings, you can really appreciate the two of them maybe making out in an airport.

11. “Church Bells”
The live performances during the ACM and CMT Awards of “Church Bells” was enough to make the song first on this list, but we’ll give it another few months.

12. “I Told You So”
Only Carrie could cover Randy Travis and sound like this.

13. “Cowboy Casanova”
This part: “You’re running, you’re trying, you’re trying to hide / And you’re wondering why you can’t get free.”

14. “Good Girl”

15. “Last Name”
Carrie is so good during “Last Name” listeners actually believe she got married in Vegas to some guy driving a Pinto.

16. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me”
After “Jesus Take the Wheel,” Carrie reminded us that steel guitar could ascend up the charts.

17. “Undo It”
The fourth in a series of boy-bashing big-timers, this one is great live, but doesn’t have the longevity of “Before He Cheats.”

18. “Temporary Home”
Carrie’s faith-based reminder that we’re all here for a limited time is good, but not her greatest.

19. “All-American Girl”
This could be considered Carrie’s version of pandering, but it still makes for a good jam.

20. “Inside Your Heaven”

21. “See You Again”
Carrie’s anthem about letting go definitely resonates, even if it’s a little vague.

22. “Mama’s Song”
The song will make you love Mike Fisher, but otherwise– eh.

23. “Somethin’ Bad”
In my heart, this is my favorite, but that’s only when Miranda and Carrie are performing it live, together and dancing. The video was amazing, but the song really never took off like it should have. It’ll be around for decades though. Just watch.

24. “Heartbeat
I understand releasing this as a single fresh off Carrie’s maternity leave (and after “Smoke Break”), but it’s not the best song.