Carrie Underwood Reveals Second Pregnancy is Harder on Her Body

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Carrie Underwood pregnancy baby names
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Since Carrie Underwood announced that she was pregnant with her second child, the internet has been on constant baby bump watch. While speculation has run rampant about the sex of the baby, with outlets trying to guess the sex, Carrie is holding that close to home.

One thing that the country superstar is sharing is that her second pregnancy is different from her first and that it’s a bit harder on her body the second time around.

“It’s definitely different from the first time. When they say every pregnancy’s different. it really is,” Carrie told ET. “Just different symptoms and I feel like this one is just a little harder on my body for some reason. It’s been really good. I’m squeezing myself into whatever dresses I can squeeze myself into.”

The new baby will join older brother Isaiah, who may be excited about the arrival of his new sibling, but laid down the law when it comes to baby care. “He says he won’t change any poopy diapers though, Carrie revealed.  “I understand. Maybe I can change his mind.”

Carrie announced via Instagram that she and Mike were expecting another child. She later revealed the struggle the couple had gone through to get to this pregnancy, suffering through three miscarriages prior.

With the new baby on the way, Carrie and Mike are getting ready for it’s arrival. They even have a name picked out for the littlest Fisher but they aren’t sharing that information just yet.

“We have picked out a name,” Carrie said. “We’re keeping that to ourselves right now. We’re fixing to move. I haven’t bought anything yet. We still have some of the stuff – cribs and stuff like that from my son. We’ll figure it out. We’re about to move so I’ll start buying stuff once we’re there. It would be pointless to buy it and then move it.”