Dolly Parton’s Slowed-Down “Jolene” is Why the Internet Was Invented

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A couple of summers ago, the world, via the Internet, discovered a slowed-down version of Dolly Parton‘s “Jolene,” that was adequately and alternately titled, “Slow Ass Jolene.”

The slowed-down version of the universal classic uses Parton‘s voice and somehow, it doesn’t get turned into an awful mess of gloom, but a hauntingly cool take on the tune. The original version of the song is a fairly dark tale, usually over-shadowed by Parton’s upbeat personality and sequins, but slowed-down it becomes sad.

Slowed-down and raw, “Jolene” sounds like the homewrecker that she is.


Ultimate Dolly Parton

“Dolly on Dolly”

“Jolene” was originally released in 1973 as the first single and title track from her 13th album.