[Watch] Dustin Lynch Meets His Match In “Good Girl” Video

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Dustin Lynch is in search of a “Good Girl” in his latest single but the music video for the song paints an entirely different picture.

Directed by Mason Dixon, “Good Girl” finds the country singer in the Mojave Desert with his girl played by actress Angie Simms. However, she isn’t exactly the type of girl you take home to mama.

The nearly four-minute clip plays out like a modern day Bonnie & Clyde with Dustin and Angie running from the police. While at first the couple are portrayed innocently in love as they check into a local motel, a news report shows otherwise as they’re wanted for robbing a convenience store. The front desk clerk recognizes the two and the police get involved.

Lucky for Dustin, he spots the cops first and makes his escape with his girl but not for too long. Hours later, they’re at a local diner and as his girl is in the bathroom he gets arrested by the authorities. She manages to get her hands on another set of keys and works to save her man.

Dustin wrote “Good Girl” with Andy Albert and Justin Ebach and admits that the video adds a tougher side to the track. He says he’s glad he didn’t have to sing the song several hundred times to the camera during the video shoot though and instead got to spend some time acting throughout the clip.

“It was hard to not be right on the nose with [“Girl”] because it’s a very fun and bubbly and light,” he tells Esquire. “We had several meetings where I thought I had great ideas and would go in and pitch and then people would start poking holes in it. It was tough, we’re always trying to do something that people want to watch more than once. Mason Dixon knocked it out of the park.”