Dustin Lynch’s Songwriting Process Isn’t What You Would Expect

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Ah, songwriting. That noble art that sends hearts soaring, lifts humanity above tedium and morose banality and gives voice to that which is unutterable. See now the artist at his writing desk laboring through sleepless nights over a melody. Lo, yon broken-hearted minstrel calling for a muse to end his frustration. Yes, tis a calling for only the Brave and Vulnerable. And, uh, Dustin Lynch.

Lynch is on a quest to be authentic and reveal what the life of a real musician is like. He has scorned the fakery of Instagram filters for the reality of candid video. In his latest entry, he showed what a songwriting session looks like and, well, it’s not what I had expected.

Lynch sits with outside waxing about what “the most badass bird” might be. To him, that means a bird that can both run fast and fly fast. He settles on a pheasant.

This is real songwriting. Sitting around going over ideas until your brain goes numb. Waiting for inspiration to strike. Cracking open a cold one with the boys. It looks more like fishing that the portraits of the troubled artist. I’m ok with that.

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