[Watch] Eli Young Band Honors Wounded Warrior and the Angel By His Side in Powerful New Video

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Eli Young Band promo photos
Photo by Joseph Llanes/Valory Music

Country music loves a good love song, and goodness knows there are plenty of great country jams that praise all of the beautiful things that love is. But in their newest release, Eli Young Band is singing about the not-so-lovely things that “Love Ain’t.”

On its own, the song stands as a lesson to those so ready for love they are willing to settle for less, but paired with the companion video, “Love Ain’t” becomes a beacon to what love isn’t, but showing us what real love looks like.

Featured in the video are military veteran Taylor Morris and his beautiful wife, Danielle. Following a devastating explosion in Afghanistan, Taylor became a quadruple amputee, a challenge that many cannot even fathom. However, as the video unfolds, we see that Taylor had an angel by his side who supplied him with encouragement, hope, maybe an occasional butt-kicking and, above all else, love.

At a time when leaving would have simply meant walking away, Taylor’s then-girlfriend, Danielle, did a lot more than just stay. As the video says, she dropped everything to be by Taylor’s side through every difficult step of his rehabilitation.

“We first learned about Taylor and Danielle a couple of years ago, and there is no doubt their story speaks to what love is,” the band’s Mike Eli said in a statement. “When thinking about their story and the deeper meaning in this song – how important love is and to know what love ain’t – we knew the video should reflect that. James, Chris, Jon and I all have family members who are part of the military so we know there are more couples struggling every day and how quickly lives are changed.”

Make no mistake. Taylor’s recovery had to have a great deal to do with his own desire to smack his challenge in the face and say, “Not this time,” but when you have so much to live for…and love for, as Mike says in the video’s introduction, “Love ain’t always easy, but that’s when it matters most.”

To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project, go to WoundedWarriorProject.org, and to read more about Taylor and Danielle, go to TaylorMorris.org.