Eric Church Opens Up For First Time About Health Scare That Almost Ended His Life

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According to Rolling Stone, he then “handed the baby monitors to the nanny, poured a Jack and Diet Coke in a red Solo cup and drove himself to the hospital.”

Doctors told him he needed an ultrasound but the closest available clinic was about half an hour away, “so Church had them wrap up the IV in his arm, put his jacket back on and drove himself to Boone,” Rolling Stone reported.

After finally receiving his ultrasound, it revealed he had a blood clot in his chest— and when he asked the doctor if it could kill him, the doctor gravely replied, “Today.”

“They took me into the ICU and I thought, ‘OK, I’m gonna go to bed, get up in the morning and do this thing,’ But when I walk in the room, the surgical team is there and the [doctor’s] in scrubs. He says, ‘We’re gonna go now.’ That was really when it hit me. To them, I was going to die.”