Eric Church Inspires “Jurassic World” Actor Chris Pratt

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Badass country singer Eric Church is now inspiring badass movie characters. Chris Pratt used Nashville’s favorite aviator sunglasses model as a point of reference for his character Owen in “Jurassic World.” Owen didn’t wear shades indoors and Eric Church wouldn’t be caught dead in the goofy vest Owen worse on-screen, it was all about the attitude for Pratt and his dinosaur trainer role.

“Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church,” is what Pratt would say to himself right before filming a scene. The mantra would remind him how to bring his character to life. Pratt also played Church’s “Dark Side” on repeat in between takes to really get into character.


If anybody in Nashville could tame a dinosaur, it’d be Church. Pratt was spot on in choosing country’s hardest rocker for inspiration.

Eric Church is on the road all summer long with his The Outsiders Tour.


Image Source: YouTube, CMA