Keith Urban and Eric Church: Raise ‘Em Up

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“Raise ‘Em Up” is an emotional song that’s simple and relatable. Keith Urban and Eric Church sing of the things in life that matter, that don’t matter and everything in between. The song begins with raising up glasses to celebrate good times and wash away the heartache. Because, that’s life, right? Through good times and bad we have to keep going no matter what. Eric’s verse might bring a tear to the eye of anyone who has served our military or loves someone who has.

And then comes the sweet twist where we’re no longer raising glasses, but raising kids who are going to have to face their own joys and struggles. “Raise ’em up so high they can hear God singing along.”

Life is short, friends. Raise ’em up right.

Did you know Keith Urban was so deep? We did. Here’s some more wisdom from one of our favorite artists:

Image Source: CMA