Garth Brooks Actually Wrote “Courage To Love” for “America’s Got Talent” Contestant Michael Ketterer [Listen]

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When Simon Cowell speaks, people listen. As Simon was performing judging duties on “America’s Got Talent” he came across a young singer, Michael Ketterer. After listening to Michael perform, Simon was in awe and made a shoutout to his friend Garth Brooks for help.

During the semi-finals of “AGT,” Simon called out to Garth, live on the air, to write a song for Michael.

“Garth, if you are watching the show, please write Michael a song,” Simon said on the show.

And wouldn’t you know it, Garth answered that call.

“All hell has broken loose in our life because of Simon Cowell,” Garth said in his Studio G web series. “Simon, I know this might sound satirical but it’s not, thank you. That’s a pretty cool vote of confidence and pretty cool when you get to do anything with people like this.”

Before he knew it, Michael was getting a call from the one and only Garth Brooks. The two Facetimed as Garth presented Michael with the song written just for him.

“We just tried to right a real lyric from a guy just kind of talking from his heart, Garth said in the call.  “I gotta tell ya, I’m excited and flattered that you’re going to perform it and I’ll be hanging on every word. Good luck, no matter what happens Congratulations. Hug your babies.

Michael went on to perform the song called the “Courage to Love,” written by Garth Brooks, during the finals of “America’s Got Talent.” While Michael came in 5th during the show, it wasn’t all for naught. The singer will perform the song with Garth Brooks during Garth’s concert at Notre Dame Stadium on Oct. 20. He’s on his way.