Do NOT Ask Jason Aldean to Sing “Cotton Eye Joe” at Your Wedding or Anywhere Else, Really

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Jason Aldean has 19 No.1 hits to his name and a brand new album out, but there’s one song he’s not interested in, even if his wife Brittany asks him to sing it– “Cotton Eye Joe.”

While attending a wedding, Brittany launched into the infamous tune with gusto while leaving a line of the song for Jason to finish. He wasn’t into and just said, “I hate that song. I hate that song.” His disdain for it was only matched by Brittany’s ferocious foot-tapping.

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Padna didn’t come thru.

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Jason isn’t the only person who can’t handle the tune, aside from it being played at way too many weddings and way too many sporting the events, the video for it is just terrifying.

The song was originally released in 1995 by a Swedish techno group called Rednex, which actually reworked an American folk tune into a Billboard hit.