Jason and Brittany Aldean’s Baby Girl Navy Rome Recovering After Being Hospitalized

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Jason and Brittany Aldean had a pretty harrowing week after the country star got off the road on Sunday night (May 19).

At the No. 1 party for his recent hit, “Girl Like You,” Jason explained that after he arrived back home on Sunday, his baby daughter, Navy Rome, began running a fever of 104-degrees in the wee hours of the morning. He and Brittany took her to the ER, but the three-month-old was not admitted. However, the couple returned with their daughter on Tuesday and she was admitted and treated for a stomach bug that resulted in a UTI which sparked the fever.

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Fortunately, the stay was just overnight and Jason was watching the clock knowing his little girl was being released on Wednesday afternoon (May 22).

Even though she was likely feeling miserable, Brittany managed to capture a photo of their precious baby and shared it on Instagram earlier in the week. What a cutie!

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Navy Baby☺️🐻

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In a Q & A in her Instagram Stories, Brittany also shared that after she was born, Navy was diagnosed with RSV—a common respiratory virus that affects very young infants. She said that the little girl was eight-weeks-old when it developed and she is still recovering from that, but she is strong and happy.

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RSV is also very contagious, but it appears big brother, Memphis, has avoided contracting the virus. Brittany also shared another bit of a bummer piece of news during her Insta Q & A. It appears that the Navy and Mems will be the only two little ones for the couple. “Jason cut me off,” she good-naturedly wrote.

Brittany Aldean baby girl Navy hospitalized

Brittany Aldean baby Navy hospitalized