Jason Aldean Says His New Album Has All of His Influences On It, But It Still Sounds Like Him

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During a recent interview with “Today,” Jason Aldean shared some insights into his upcoming album, Rearview Town, as well as revealing his favorite person to follow on social media (Kevin Hart).

Aldean has already shared a few songs from the project and told fans that this record was very much a snapshot of everything he listened to growing up, but when he explained it a little more, it definitely resonated, “A lot of my fans were probably like me growing up, where you listened to music because you thought it was cool. You didn’t listen to just country or just rock or just…whatever. If there was a cool country song on the station, you’d listen to it and when it was over, you’d flip over to the rock station. I think for people my age, we all kind of grew up with different influences and just liking music as a whole and if it was good music, it was good music– it didn’t matter what category it was in.”

He also shared that his seven albums before this had his influences on them, but they all may have focused on one more than another, “We’d had our influences on ’em, but one may be kind of rock heavy, one may be a little more hip-hop heavy, blues, whatever– and I really feel like, for the first time, all those sounds, all those influences for me are on one record. So, it’s pretty cool and for me, I think it’s a pretty different sounding record, but something that is still going to sound familiar to everyone and still have our sound on it. So, I’m excited for people to hear it.”

Aldean’s first single off the record, “You Make It Easy” has already made its way into the Top 10 on the charts.