Jason Aldean's Face Can Stop A Hockey Puck

Jason Aldean’s Face Can Stop A Hockey Puck

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Jason Aldean is getting into the hockey game, whether he wants to or not. The superstars face is being displayed on the helmet of a minor league hockey player and the image is striking.

Eddie Pasquale, a Canadian goalie for the Syracuse Crunch, affiliate of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, sported a mask during his game that features Jason’s face on one side and Canadian country singer Gord Bamford on the other.

Eddie contacted Jason Livery of Head Strong Grafx to create the artistic piece. As a result, Jason’s face is plastered on the right side of the helmet. The blue and white helmet, with lightning streaks for his team name, has Jason’s image in black and white from a photo that looks to be taken on stage. On the left side of the helmet, a portrait of Gord Bamford, also in black and white, is featured.

This isn’t the first time Eddie showed off his love of country music by using his mask. Back in 2014, the former Washington Capitals player donned George Strait and Trace Adkins on his helmet.

“Growing up I never had a painted helmet,” Pasquale told the Winnipeg Free Press. “My dad always said, ‘It doesn’t help you stop any pucks so keep a white one.'”

In addition, Eddie has had other likenesses painted on his mask, including George Washington, Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey’s character from “The Mask.” How appropos.

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