Jon Pardi Is A Real Cowboy And He Has The Pictures To Prove It


It may sound harsh, but let’s be honest: a lot of country stars are city folk. Only a handful of country artists live out in the country. Jon Pardi is one of them. He doesn’t wear a cowboy hat as an act. He is a cowboy who lives to rope and ride out on the Texas plains.

Pardi recently competed in a team roping event during the third annual Writing and Roping event put on by the Tejas Rodeo Company.

Pardi and his horse were so eager for the event that they broke the barrier during the event. “But who cares,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

Broke the barrier! Who cares!

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When Pardi sings about the country, he isn’t referencing someplace far away; he’s talking about home. The man lives what he sings about. He’s the real deal.

Back in Texas.

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