Kacey Musgraves Was a Yodeling Champion

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I’ve been following Kacey Musgraves for a while now. I celebrated her GRAMMY win, her light up boots and went to one of her shows the other day. I even said on record once that I think she’s the world’s greatest country music singer.

I’ve always loved that she has the traditional country sound and in some ways, the traditional country look (minus the LED lights). I always thought she got her start on the show “Nashville Star,” much like Miranda Lambert.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. All wrong.

She was some sort of yodeling champion and was a part of a duo called Texas Two Bits (now, presumably just one bit or no bits at all). She even performed on “The Today Show” during the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. What?

It seems like most of the Internet has been scrubbed clean of “Kacey Musgraves + yodeling,” but according to WVFest.com, “Kacey is the youngest person ever to have received the “Yodeler of the Year” award at the 2002 Will Rogers Cowboy Awards, sponsored by the Academy of Western Artists. In 2001 she won the “International Youth Yodeling Championship” held in Tucson, AZ. Then in May of 2002 she won the “Patsy Montana National Yodeling Championship.”

The Texas State Legislature passed H.R. No. 2843 in her honor, too. Mostly for her yodeling.

The site was published in 2003, but goes on to say, “Yodeling takes a special talent and this is one young lady you won’t want to miss.” Man, they nailed that one, right? We know she released the albums, Movin’ On and One Good Cowboy in 2002 and 2003 as a yodeler. But, after that, there’s not much information out there. We were able to find the full version of One Good Cowboy (below).

Just think, this is the same person who just toured with the poppiest pop-star of them all, Katy Perry.

The more you know, right?

Image Source: YouTube, CMA, Instagram/@spaceykacey