Keith Urban Said His Girls Don’t Necessarily Love Watching Him Perform


While wife Nicole Kidman can’t seem to get enough of Keith Urban‘s performances, their daughters, Faith and Sunday might not feel the same unbridled passion for boppin’ around to Urban’s music.
During a recent interview with “Extra,” Urban shared that he loves when the girls (Nicole included) comes watch him perform, but it’s rare. He shared, “the first time we had them on the bus, I said ‘Sunday, you want to come out and watch dad play?” and she was like, “ugh, do I have to?’ So, just keeping it real.”

Urban’s Graffiti U is out now. His first new studio album in nearly two years.  The much-anticipated follow up to 2016’s record-breaking, No. 1, platinum album Ripcord, Graffiti U is a natural musical progression that began with Fuse, but it also marks where Urban currently resides creatively. It’s this sense of presence during his writing and recording process that gives each of Urban’s albums an unabashed honesty and authenticity.


Lauren Cowling
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