Keith Urban Said Nicole Kidman Regrets Heckling Him After He Made Her Come Up On Stage With Him

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Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are arguably one of the cutest couples of our generation and they continue to prove it.

Keith and Nicole recently attended a Spotify event for his new album Graffiti U where Keith was performing a few songs for fans. Meanwhile, Nicole was in the audience heckling him, which led Keith to invite her on stage with him to sing the song.

Now, Keith says Nicole regrets heckling him.

“Was that a setup, that she heckled you from the audience?” Ellen DeGeneres asked Keith while he visited her show to promote his album.

“We were at this Spotify event and somebody was asking about the song “Parallel Line,” Keith told Ellen. “From the back of the room a woman goes PLAY THE SONG and I know that voice anywhere– it’s my wife heckling me basically.”

In response to her heckling, Keith asked her to come on stage and sing the song with him— and as a good sport, she did, and it was fabulous.

“I never thought she would do it, she was very frustrated and it was excruciating for her to do that,” he said. We think it was worth it!