This is the Most Revealing Kelly Clarkson Interview Ever

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Kelly Clarkson has become one of my favorite celebrities over the last few years for very specific reasons– she clapbacks on Twitter, she’s not pretentious and she isn’t afraid to say exactly what she’s thinking.

Most recently, Kelly sat down with “The Voice” to answer a few questions and of course, a couple of answers really stuck out to me.

First, her favorite cuss word seems to be “f*ck,” which is aggressive, but whatever. Second, when asked if she had ever seen a ghost she said, “I have never seen a ghost, I am kind of one of those people when people start talking about ghosts, I’m kind of like ‘ugh,’ there’s like so much in this realm that we need to take care of, why are we even concerned about other realms? Just let it be.”

I mean, okay, girl. I’m right there with you.