Kelly Clarkson’s New Video for “I Don’t Think About You” is Her Most Empowering Yet

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Kelly Clarkson has entered a new phase of her career that we’ll look back on as the DGAF phase. Online body shamers? Done. Critical record label execs? See ya. Twitter trolls? Move on. And arguably, it’s the best phase for her and her fans, as the music she’s delivered is empowering, soulful and just really, really good.

Kelly’s latest release from her Meaning of Life album, “I Don’t Think About You” could be heard as a breakup anthem, but really it is about breaking up from the power someone– anyone has had over you.

When you’re lost in the moment
You can’t see where you’re goin’
I didn’t know who I could trust
So I put all my faith in us
Oh, you tore me to pieces
Turned my strength into weakness
I didn’t want it all to fall apart
So I decided just to play the part

But honestly, I’d do it all again
Puttin’ up with all the bullshit
It made me strong enough to do this

It used to bother me, thought I could never leave
After all that I’ve been through, nothin’ left to prove
No, no, no, I don’t think about you
Weighing down on me
I lost my sanity
And now that we are through, nothin’ left to lose
No, no, no, I don’t think about you

[Verse 2]
I feel freedom where I stand now
And I feel proud of who I am now
Yeah, I learned a lot along the way
I love the woman that I became

It was hard to hold on
Days and nights I thought I’d never make it at all
Couldn’t make it at all
Now I stand tall
Feeling like myself again, no worries at all
No one can stop me from livin’ this moment for me
I found my heartbeat
After all that I’ve been through
No, I don’t think about you

 The video follows a girl on a journey very similar to Kelly’s and packs a powerful punch. In a Facebook post,  Kelly shared, “I Don’t Think About You’ is the moment you realize something has no power over you anymore. We all have people and/or situations in life that mold us and sometimes those situations can feel like they’re about to break us, but this song is about that morning you wake up and you don’t even think about it anymore. It holds no power, no weight in your world, and consumes your thoughts no longer. It’s a song about freedom, honestly.”