Lady A's Hillary Scott Got an Unwanted Birthday Surprise From Her and the Struggle is Real

Lady A’s Hillary Scott Got an Unwanted Birthday Surprise From Her Daughter and the Struggle is Real

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Ever since welcoming her twin girls in January, Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott has been fully embracing life as a mom of three girls; the good, the bad, and the hilarious, too.

This year, Hillary’s 32nd birthday fell on Easter, but she didn’t post a traditional Easter Sunday family picture or even a picture of a birthday cake. Instead, she shared a picture of the birthday surprise her daughter Eisele left for her.

“Can’t let the day end without saying Happy Easter. He is Risen!! Also, thank you to everyone who sent birthday love. Lastly, thank you Eisele for deciding that today was the day to write your name on our bathroom door with red crayon,” she said. Oy.

Two weeks after delivering her twins, Hillary shared a hilarious update on her post-partum recovery, saying “Am I laughing? Am I crying? Am I asleep? Am I awake? Have I eaten? Have I showered? Have I brushed my teeth or shaved my legs? Are those still Christmas pillows? I don’t think I know the answers to any of these questions, but y’all my heart is FULL and this is me, #twoweekspostpartum captured in a photo today.”

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