8 Little Big Town GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 37 Has Experienced


Little Big Town is likely to go down in history as one of the most respected musical groups of any genre in the last 35 years. On top of being respected for their insane harmonies and impeccable taste, they are also the most beloved foursome and nicest group of people you will ever meet. And despite their hits, GRAMMYs and success they are just downright relatable.


8 Little Big Town GIFs That Accurately Describe a Situation Every Woman Under 37 Has Experienced:

1. When you lie about being “outdoorsy” to the new guy you’re dating and then you have nothing to wear when he takes you hiking.




2. When you’re an adult and your mom is still like, “let me a get picture of everyone” but you don’t really know how to pose. 



3. When you’re the only single person at a dinner and everyone is like, “can I swipe for you?”


4.  When you and your friends were really into group “Harry Potter” and “Game of Thrones” costumes at Halloween. 



5. When you planned a big beach trip for all of your friends and constantly set up photoshoots just for Instagram. 


6. When you were on a group text about the big trip you planned and one person was like, “sorry, y’all, I have to check a bag, but y’all can get the car while I wait at baggage claim.”



7. When you moved eight times in 6 years and never fully unpacked. 


8. When you moved to a new city after college and tried to only make new friends that had a boat or a lake house.


Lauren Cowling
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