Caroline Bryan Led Luke Bryan’s Mom Straight Into a Goose Attack and The Results Were Hilarious

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Caroline Bryan and her mother-in-law LeClaire Bryan have a very special and very hilarious relationship.

Every Luke Bryan fan knows that his dad told him to leave the peanut farm and head to Nashville, but we’ve been learning more and more about Luke’s mom, LeClaire, over the last few months and she’s a real firecracker.

Before Christmas, Luke told Jimmy Fallon that his mom likes to eat chili dogs on Christmas Eve and her special recipe includes cigarette butts.

But, really, we’ve gotten to know LeClaire through Caroline Bryan‘s Instagram. Caroline once shared a text convo between her and her mother-in-law and the responses were so bad she had to blur them out.


And even more recently, Caroline told LeClaire that a goose that lives on their farm was really nice, so she purposefully videoed LeClaire almost getting attacked by the not-so-nice goose. LeClaire’s hilarious response was, “kiss my ass.”


And of course, an old favorite– the time LeClaire did some biking for Brett and Caroline called her “hell on wheels.”