Luke and Caroline Bryan’s Favorite Parenting Activity is Annoying Their Children and It’s a Really Beautiful Thing

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I don’t know who is in charge of the parents of the year trophies or how to order one, but we need to get one to Luke and Caroline Bryan ASAP.

On the day that Caroline celebrated niece Jordan’s 23rd birthday with a hilarious Instagram post that alerted the world to the fact they weren’t buying her a Range Rover by using an old “American Idol” quote, the couple also did some pretty serious and some pretty bad dancing for their kids.


As the family enjoyed some time at their beach house, the couple spent some time trying to introduce at least one of their boys, Bo or Tate, to New Kids on the Block and “Hangin’ Tough.” However, the dance lessons/session didn’t seem to be going all that well as you can hear the boy saying, “mom, make me some lunch. I need some lunch, mom,” over and over again.

Caroline captioned the video, “Our favorite pastime is to annoy our children.”

And they are definitely nailing that aspect of parenting– in the best way.