Luke Bryan Reveals Go-To Dance Moves and So Much More

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Luke Bryan is getting ready to become a judge on the reboot of “American Idol” and the Georgia native is showing of his charismatic personality in a new Radio Disney video.

Radio Disney has signed on to create a new American Idol Insider” series. While hosted by former winners and contestants, the series will be a weekly, hour-long special. Premiering on Feb. 27, the first episode was hosted by Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. Luke’s video is part of the series, which could be seen every Tuesday on Radio Disney.

In the video, Luke is asked several random questions like how long does it take to do your hair? That’s a fun one. And he’s asked about the three faces he uses when judging “American Idol” contestants. You have to check that out.

But it was when the question, what is your go to dance move?, was asked that we were left with baited breathe. Although, we all know Luke likes to shake his hips when out on the stage in front of fans. The “Light it Up” singer said exactly that.

“My go to dance move is my trademark hip thrust thing,” he shared. Then when asked to dab, the 41-year-old singer may have injured himself a bit on that move. Seems like the new “Idol” judge needs to rest up before the premiere.

“American Idol” returns to ABC Sunday, March 11 with Luke, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie at the helm.