Old Dominion’s ‘Hotel Key’ Video Includes a Pillow Fight and a Twist


Old Dominion bring their playful new single, “Hotel Key,” to life in a new three-minute music video. Filmed at the Safari Inn in Murfreesboro, Tenn., the Jim Wright-directed clip follows the storyline of a young couple who meet at a concert and take things back to the nearest hotel.

Throughout the video, each member of Old Dominion plays a small role in the couple’s love story. While Geoff Sprung is the venue’s bouncer, Trevor Rosen is the blinged-out cab driver whisking them away. Meanwhile, frontman Matthew Ramsey serves as the hotel concierge who checks them in with a smile and then hands them that fated hotel key.

As the band are shown on stage performing “Hotel Key,” the couple have a celebration of their own in their new hotel room. Their night includes dancing in the television light, jumping on the bed, and, of course, having a pillow fight. Drummer Whit Sellers is their unfortunate neighbor and is spotted pounding on the walls hoping for some peaceful sleep.

As the sun rises, the girl sneaks out of bed and grabs her things — including the hotel key. She runs down the stairs to catch a ride with her band, bumping into guitarist Brad Tursi and spilling his mug of coffee along the way, before hopping into the car to make her getaway.

During a recent appearance in Napa Valley, Calif. as part of the Live In the Vineyard Goes Country event, Old Dominion’s Matthew tells One Country that song ideas often come from anywhere.

“I dropped my hotel key one day and picked it up and thought, ‘Hotel Key. Cool title,'” he recalls. “I didn’t really know what it meant exactly. I thought about it for a while and took it to Trevor and Josh Osborne and said, ‘What if we had a story around hotel key?’ Trevor’s wife actually keeps her hotel keys so then we were off to create some zany story.”

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter is a freelance journalist based in Nashville. When she's not covering the latest music news or interviewing countless country artists, she can be found at a writers round listening to the best up-and-coming songwriting talent Music City has to offer.