Reba Introduced James Corden to Corn Dogs and It Was a Historic Moment

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Typically, when a superstar boards a private plane before or after an event they post photos of champagne and other luxurious amenities not usually afforded to non-superstars. But, not Reba McEntire. No, Reba likes to post photos of herself with corn dogs like the good Oklahoman she is and always will be. She’s been doing this for a while now, but James Corden finally asked her about during an appearance on “The Late Late Show.”

Reba explained one of the many photos of herself holding a corn dog by simply explaining what she told her people before she took the stage one night, “I don’t care what happens at this show tonight, but you better have a corn dog when I get back in this car.”

Then, Corden revealed, “can I be honest? I didn’t know what a corn dog was.”  To which Reba replied, “you’ve really missed out.”

So, very naturally, Corden brought out a plate of corn dogs to share with Reba and other guests Lucy Hale and Glenn Howerton. Lucy, being the one-time-almost-country-singer was very excited to eat a corn dog with queen Reba, but Glenn said he wouldn’t do it.

Corden’s ultimate review was, “It’s sensational! Oh my God! I feel like I’m giving my mouth a cuddle.”