Reba Said Kelly Clarkson is Her Best Friend and We’re Obsessed With Them

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Kelly Clarkson won “American Idol” a couple of weeks into my freshman year of college. And that’s where our small-town sameness wore off pretty quickly as she was on her way to winning GRAMMYs, selling millions of records and spending holidays with Reba McEntire. Because, oh, yes– Kelly isn’t just our OG Idol and one of America’s greatest National Treasures, she’s also Reba’s daughter-in-law by way of Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly and Brandon were married in 2013, but met in 2006– after Kelly and Reba had already become buddies.

Over the years, the two have toured together and performed together a few times and they are always saying nice things about each. Always.

In preparation for the duet at the upcoming ACM Awards, Reba was on “The Talk” and she shared a sweet little something about Kelly after calling her her “daughter-in-love,” which is only cool to say if Reba is saying it about you.

Kelly and I got to tour together in 2008, it was one of the most exciting, fun tours I’ve ever been a part of… you know, I love her to pieces. She’s been one of my best friends since I met her in 2002, now she’s my daughter-in-law. She’s a wonderful person, big-hearted, always full of joy and laughter.”

You know, it’s gotta be nice to have Reba as a mother-in-law, but it’s got to be even better to have a mother-in-law that just gushes about you all the time.